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Digestive Medical Care of Long Island – Indigestion Specialist Massapequa

Digestive Medical Care of Long Island – Indigestion Specialist Massapequa

Do you Need to See the Indigestion Specialist Near Massapequa?

If you normally have indigestion, you might need to visit the specialist near Massapequa at Digestive Medical Care of Long Island.  When this is the case, you’ll need to ask these doctors to help you figure out what’s causing your upset stomach and pain so that you can avoid future encounters with indigestion.  Let’s look at some of the symptoms of this digestive issue and what you can do to avoid them in the future.


You’ve heard most of them on TV during commercials, but if you have any of the following, it can be classified as a type of indigestion:

  • Bloating
  • Belching and gas
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • An acid taste in your mouth
  • Fullness during or after a meal
  • Growling stomach
  • Burning in your stomach or upper belly
  • Belly pain

If you feel stressed, swallow a lot of air when eating, or eat specific foods, you may experience some of these symptoms more than if you eat slowly and control your stress levels.

Causes of Indigestion

If you’ve been diagnosed with a disease that has to do with your digestive system, you’ve probably experienced a lot of indigestion.  There are also some medications that can lead to indigestion and don’t have anything to do with the food you eat or your lifestyle.  Other than digestive disorders and medications, there are ways you can avoid indigestion by changing your lifestyle.

Lifestyle Changes to Avoid Indigestion

Many times, indigestion has everything to do with your eating habits and how you feel.  Here are some tips to change your lifestyle and make it easier for you to avoid indigestion in the future:

  • Chew with your mouth closed to avoid air coming in and being ingested with your food
  • Drink beverages after your meal and not during, this will also help avoid excess air entering your stomach
  • Avoid late-night eating
  • Try to relax after meals – this is a good time for a walk
  • Avoid spicy foods
  • If you smoke, now is the time to quit
  • Avoid alcohol

These are simple changes you can make to your lifestyle in order to stay away from the Indigestion Specialist in Massapequa.

Change Your Eating Habits Too

The team at Digestive Medical Care of Long Island will suggest you change your eating habits to avoid experiencing indigestion in the future.  Here are some ways to make these changes:

  • Eat smaller meals
  • Eat slowly
  • Avoid acidic foods including citrus fruits and tomatoes
  • Limit spicy foods
  • Limit fried and greasy foods
  • Avoid foods and drink that have caffeine

Other items you should change in your life can be suggested when you see the Indigestion Specialist in Massapequa.  The more ways you find to have a healthy digestive system, the better you’ll feel every day.  Your overall health begins with your digestive system and how your stomach feels between meals when you want to engage in other activities and enjoy your life.

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